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You Can Dress Comfortable Yet Stylish When You Travel

I have sadly come to the realization that long gone are the days when we used to dress up for traveling. This makes me both sad and relieved at the same time. Sad, because it makes me feel as if our move toward a more casual culture has made us lose some of our glamour in style.

To this day I remember my mom’s go-to travel outfit from when I was younger. She would wear slim-fit dark jeans with a crisp white button down shirt,a pair of heels, and her classic blue blazer with gold buttons (I am still searching for a blazer just like hers, so if you’ve seen one let me know).  She would wear some long necklace and top off her look with her sunglasses. I remember just thinking that at that moment my mother just oozed with glamour and class. At the same time, she would then dress me in something nice yet itchy and uncomfortable.

So, there has to be balance between style and comfort when you travel and I don’t mean Juicy Sweat Pants and Jacket. Here is my pick:

1. A good pair of jeans or leggings (for the gals): Not only are jeans and leggings comfy and practical but they also won’t get all wrinkled like khakis or linen pants which might leave you looking like a hot mess after a long day of travel. Also, choose a dark color. Combine the two looks and you could wear jeggings!

2. Long Cotton Tee or Button Down Shirt: Some button downs are made of really thin material and might wrinkle easily so be careful.

3. Flats or Slide on Shoes: Easy to take off and put back on during security. Trust me I’ve worn boots many times and it’s so annoying especially if you tend to be a terminal runner like I am. (Terminal runner: travelers who are perpetually late and always running from security to their gate).

4. Pashmina Scarf: Whether in the summer or winter I always like to take one in case I get cold. I also like to use it like a blanket because something about airplane blankets give me the heebeegeebees.

Other things to bring with you:

– A jacket if you are going or coming from a cold climate.

– A pair of socks (if you are not wearing any) in case you get cold on the plane.

– A baggie of essentials: travel size deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, Clean and Clear Oil-Absorbing sheets, and a little make up. These are essential to freshen up after you arrive at your destination.



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Skymall Always Makes Me Smile

When I was a child, I was always so excited to go on planes. I would pack my backpack full of all my toys, books and my Sega Genesis. I would even look forward to airplane food because I loved being on planes so much. (On a side note, I’d like to mention that my palate has become a lot more refined since the days I used to think airplane food was amazing.)

However, years have passed since those days, and I have been on so many planes that to me air travel has lost some of its magic. But, there is still one thing I still look forward to and that is browsing the Skymall catalog. I used to look through every page and wish that for once my parents would get me “The World’s Largest Write on Map Mural” so I could mark all the places I’ve been with little flags. Over the years though, I have noticed that some of the products in Skymall have progressively gotten more ridiculous, and I constantly keep asking myself “Why in the world… .”

Here is a round up of some of my favorites from the Holiday 2009 edition:


I don’t care if they call this an organized traveler’s leather hip pouch… this is a $60 glorified fanny pack.


Why do you need to shoot a marshmallow over 30 feet?

And if you definitely need more distance you can get the marshmallow bazooka…


Yea, I’d call this a chocking hazard but not because it has small parts.


So, this is basically a tanning bed/box for your feet so now even your foot skin can get cancer.


Yea, I’m just not dying to have a zombie coming out of my yard, sorry.


I guess if you really like Harry and the Hendersons this would be a great addition to your garden.


Hmm, if you have no trouble keeping track of the hour and date , why not just get a calendar? And, it also makes me wonder what kinds of conversations this starts.


As if texting while driving wasn’t dangerous enough… now you can be completely distracted by your computer and printer. They should probably make “Not for use while driving” a lot bigger and bolder.


I always wondered how much those giant monkeys at car dealerships were and now I know.


Yep, when I’m underwater I have ALWAYS wanted to make and receive  phonecalls. I guess I don’t really see any value in this unless you’re like Jacques Cousteau or something. This might be good for sharks lurking around you though.

And as always I have saved the best for last:


Wow… there are just no words. I’d pay $100 bucks to see the person who paid $100 bucks to buy this try to use all their brain power and teleketic energy to do this.

PS. Hey Skymall, if you’re hiring people to write your product descriptions… I’m currently looking for a job and would love to test your products


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Bing: My New One-Stop Travel Search Engine

To be honest, when Bing first came out earlier this summer, I despised it. I didn’t have a valid reason or bad experience with it, but I was just so loyal to Google that I was angered by Microsoft’s latest attempt to dethrone Google. Then, I learned about Bing’s specialized travel search for booking flights. After I tried it, I was hooked.

Usually, when I was trying to find airfares and deals, I visited other sites like: Orbitz, SideStep, Expedia, Priceline or StudentUniverse. After I had researched all their deals, I would check the prices on different airlines’ sites. And, finally if I wasn’t successful whatsoever, I would give up and call my dad, the ultimate flight finder, for help.

Now I have Bing though, and it has made my life so much easier when booking flights. My favorite thing about Bing is that it aggregates all the fares from different travel websites and airlines all into one place for you. When you are ready to book, you just click on the flight that you want, and it will direct you to that site to start your transaction.


I also love all the extra features that Bing adds like:

  • Direct links to other travel sites.
  • The number of tickets left at that price.
  • The ability to apply filters to your search.
  • “Price Predictors” (my favorite feature) helps see whether you should buy tickets now or wait for the price to drop in the next week.
  • “Flexible Search” gives you the ability to track fares over a period of time and identify best travel destinations, travel dates and lengths of travel.
  • “ Airfare Deals” can find real deals for you and it will actually tell you why it’s a deal. It will track airfares and determine for you when a fare is “record low-act fast”, “$X less than average on record” or “ save $X off average low found today.”


Bing travel also has a function for hotels, but I haven’t used it. If its anything like their flights function then I’m sure its great. Using Bing can be a little overwhelming at first so I recommend reading  this quick “How It Works” section.

You can also check out the Bing Travel Blog and get great content about travel. So, next time you are booking  a trip, try Bing and let me know how it goes.

Extra Tip:

The Today Show had a great report called “What Your Travel Agent Isn’t Telling You.” During this segment, they talked about how sometimes when you are booking tickets online cookies from that travel sites might mark you as a repeat customer and hike the price. So, to avoid this use different computers or clear the cookies on your browser. For other great tips watch this clip.


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