Oh, The Places I Want To Go To

I’ve truly been blessed that my parents are such jetsetters. From Paris to Maui, I have seen a lot. Yet, there is always a longing in me to keep traveling and keep exploring. It also doesn’t help when one of my favorite books is 1,000 Places to see Before You Die (which also now has a blog you can check out here ). So for a couple of years I have been developing my list of places I am dying to go to, and here are my top 5.

1. Tahiti – I am a total beach person. It is my ultimate go-to destination and my happy place. Ever since I was 13, I’ve been begging and pleading with my parents to take me to Tahiti. Something about Tahiti has always appealed to me as so serene, exotic, and soothing. When I make it over there, my dream is to stay in a bungalow over  the water and never leave. Ah… serenity now.

2. Australia– In elementary school, our mascot was a koala, and my third grade teacher was from Australia. Hence, this is where my interest in Australia partly comes from. There is just so much to do and see in Australia. I dream of the day that I get to see the Sydney Opera House in person. I imagine it just kinda takes your breath away kind of like the first time you see the Eiffel Tower or your first time in New York. I’d love to visit the Australia Zoo and perhaps get to pet a real koala or hug a kangaroo (yea… I know that’s probably dangerous). I’d also be totally down for scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and perhaps see a shark or two.

3. Kenya and Tanzania– Who doesn’t have a wild fantasy to go to Africa? I’m a huge animal lover so one of my dreams has always been to go on an African safari. And, because I watch too many movies I also think it’d be really cool to spend the night with an African tribe. Maybe I’d hike Kilimanjaro or maybe see it from afar and wave to it. In undergrad, one of my best friends went on a medical mission trip to Tanzania, and her stories and pictures just make me want to go even more. So, mark my words, because one day I will go to Africa.

4. Spain– Dude… I’m half Spanish, and I’ve never been to the motherland. Everything about Spain intrigues me. From Madrid to Granada to Toledo to Barcelona, I want to see everything. I want to experience my roots and my culture first-hand. And, not gonna lie… my Spanish grandmother is an amazing cook so I’m sure the food is magic. I’d love to go to Pamplona for the Festival of San Fermin and watch the running of the bulls (from a safe distance), or go to La Tomatina in Bruñol for the huge tomato food fight. Maybe, spend a night in Sevilla and watch some Flamenco. Oh Spain… one day we’ll finally meet.

5. Brazil– So, even though I lived in South America for eight years, I never visited any other countries. I’ve always felt some type of pull towards Brazil for some reason though. Not only am I a big fan of soccer and beaches but the culture looks so fun-loving and welcoming. Sure I’d love to go and experience the madness that is Carnival but I’d also be down for bringing in the New Year on a Brazilian beach decked in all white with other locals. I’d also love to go trek into the rainforest… as long as it’s not spider season.

So there’s my list. What are some of your dream destinations?



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2 responses to “Oh, The Places I Want To Go To

  1. KMather

    I’ve been to Kenya and went on safari in the Masi Mara when I was ten. It was awesome!

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