Check Flash Sale Websites for Deals on Hotels

So by now you might be familiar with online private boutique sales or flash sale websites like Rue La La, Gilt Groupe, and Groupon. Rue La La and Gilt Groupe offer private designer sales of  luxury brand merchandise at discount prices. Groupon offers city-specific coupons for restaurants, salons, stores and other services (like $30 dollars worth of food for $15). All of these sales are offered only for a  short time (1 to 3 days), and once the sale expires or sells out,  items are unavailable.

Recently, I’ve noticed that all these sites are also offering hotel deals as well, and these seem like  better deals than you’ll find elsewhere on the Internet. They’re not available all the time, but they are definitely worth a look especially for travelers who like to plan in advance or adventurous travelers who love jetting off on a whim.

Groupon– very easy to sign up for but not available in all cities. Just choose your city and you’ll receive deals on hotels close to home for great weekend getaways. All Groupons don’t have to be used right away, but they do have expiration dates. Your credit card will be charged up-front. Groupon probably offers the most affordable deals.

Rue La La– must be a member to shop. To become a member you must be invited by another member or apply for membership. People are usually approved pretty fast so don’t fret. Rue La La offers deals on more upscale hotels, so they are pricier. I like when they do destination-themed sales (like skiing or beaches) because it gives you a wide selection of places nationwide.

Jetsetter by Gilt Groupe- like Rue La La you must be a member to shop on this site but it is easy to request a membership. This site offers the crème de la crème hotels on specials. I might not be able to afford these deals for a very long time but it’s good to know they are there. This is one of the only sites that I have also seen offering international luxury destinations.

Where else do you look for hotel deals?



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2 responses to “Check Flash Sale Websites for Deals on Hotels

  1. Some newsletters also offer great heads-up on deals… for those in the New York area, there are a few like Jauntsetter which send weekly updates on the best hotel/airfare deals in the extended area or around the world.

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