You Can Dress Comfortable Yet Stylish When You Travel

I have sadly come to the realization that long gone are the days when we used to dress up for traveling. This makes me both sad and relieved at the same time. Sad, because it makes me feel as if our move toward a more casual culture has made us lose some of our glamour in style.

To this day I remember my mom’s go-to travel outfit from when I was younger. She would wear slim-fit dark jeans with a crisp white button down shirt,a pair of heels, and her classic blue blazer with gold buttons (I am still searching for a blazer just like hers, so if you’ve seen one let me know).  She would wear some long necklace and top off her look with her sunglasses. I remember just thinking that at that moment my mother just oozed with glamour and class. At the same time, she would then dress me in something nice yet itchy and uncomfortable.

So, there has to be balance between style and comfort when you travel and I don’t mean Juicy Sweat Pants and Jacket. Here is my pick:

1. A good pair of jeans or leggings (for the gals): Not only are jeans and leggings comfy and practical but they also won’t get all wrinkled like khakis or linen pants which might leave you looking like a hot mess after a long day of travel. Also, choose a dark color. Combine the two looks and you could wear jeggings!

2. Long Cotton Tee or Button Down Shirt: Some button downs are made of really thin material and might wrinkle easily so be careful.

3. Flats or Slide on Shoes: Easy to take off and put back on during security. Trust me I’ve worn boots many times and it’s so annoying especially if you tend to be a terminal runner like I am. (Terminal runner: travelers who are perpetually late and always running from security to their gate).

4. Pashmina Scarf: Whether in the summer or winter I always like to take one in case I get cold. I also like to use it like a blanket because something about airplane blankets give me the heebeegeebees.

Other things to bring with you:

– A jacket if you are going or coming from a cold climate.

– A pair of socks (if you are not wearing any) in case you get cold on the plane.

– A baggie of essentials: travel size deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, Clean and Clear Oil-Absorbing sheets, and a little make up. These are essential to freshen up after you arrive at your destination.



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3 responses to “You Can Dress Comfortable Yet Stylish When You Travel

  1. SP

    But what about the dudes? I travel all the time and I always pick the wrong clothes. What’s a fella to do?

    • Hi SP! Thanks for your comment. For guys I recommend many of the same things like dark-wash jeans, a cotton tee, a cotton zip-up (in case it gets cold), and athletic shoes you can easily slide on and off at security.

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